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Fault Line - Ana Zibelnik & Jakob Ganslmeier (ongoing)

“Fault Line offers an in-depth exploration of the climate crisis and its social impact. It’s an artistic project, but also a statement. Zibelnik and Ganslmeier ask critical questions about how the climate crisis — and the accelerating series of disasters — affects individual lives and how this contributes to the exacerbation of social and political polarization.” 

- Flor Linckens, Gallery Viewer / Art Rotterdam online

*Kay Kamakhya (she/her): "All forms of trans experience and expression are valid and acceptable. I don't need to fit into stereotypes of a cis-normative society. I love and accept myself the way I am." 

Fault Line - Ana Zibelnik & Jakob Ganslmeier (2023, ongoing)

Fault Line portrays the impact of the climate crisis in Europe by examining the myriad responses within society. From migration driven by environmental factors, eco-anxiety, and activism on the one hand to the troubling surge of populist rhetoric on the other, it questions how the accelerating rhythm of disasters leads to a deepening of polarization and erodes our collective resilience. 

Our primary motivation is to present a society-focused visual representation of the climate crisis. Images have an emotional impact and can prompt us to form opinions and take action. Images of environmental devastation, in particular, are often captured from a distance — by drones or are focused on the overall scope of natural and infrastructural damage. What interests us is a closer examination of such situations — how do extreme climate events impact individuals? How does the fear arising from such conditions contribute to the emergence of hateful ideologies? 

Fault Line travel journal:

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