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Redpilled delves into the propagation of alt-right ideology alongside the global surge of memes. Ganslmeier and Zibelnik ingeniously repurpose the ubiquitous meme character Wojak (Polishfor 'soldier') as an avatar, giving voice to the dangerous humour and fascination with violence perpetuated by memes. Initially conceived as a relatable figure ('I know that feel, bro'), Wojak has metamorphosed into various generational archetypes like doomer, zoomer, and boomer. Despite spoofing different age groups, Wojak increasingly embodies the perspective of doomers, individuals who perceive themselves as victims of pressing global issues like climate change and overpopulation. The doomer typically feigns superiority over 'normies' after being ' enlightened' or redpilled. Originally denoting a quest for truth, the term 'redpilled', borrowed from the movie The Matrix (1999), has been co-opted by far-right factions to signal disillusionment with reality, often fostering radical ideologies. The video work is interspersed with cryptic slogans and numerical codes found online by the artist duo, the meanings of which are revealed in the explanatory glossary elsewhere in this exhibition. Redpilled illustrates how seemingly innocuous memes, with mildly racist, misogynistic, and anti-Semitic jokes, can serve as conduits for extremist notions, potentially precipitating real-world violence.

From the exhibition text by Mirjam Kooiman, Head of Artistic Programming at FOAM Amsterdam

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